Looking Beyond OCR: Leveraging Next-genAI Technologies for better ROI

Chris Doxey- President of Doxey Inc., Susie West- Founder & CEO of sharedserviceslink, Judy Bicking- IOFM Certification Trainer AP/P2P and AR/O2C, Strategy Consultant, and Ankit Aggarwal-AP Automation Head, Zycus Inc. on 25th September to discuss the following topics and much more:

a) How are current AP platforms and processes faring during the pandemic? What are the risks and challenges? How accurate is your data and resulting analytics?

b) Is your solution provider providing robust features and functionalities to leverage futuristic AI technologies? How can your current process be improved for increased end-to-end efficiency and cost reduction?

c) Identify the key metrics recommended to track your digitization journey. What are the key metrics that can be used to build your digitization scorecard and track success?