On Demand webinar: Procurement Stalwarts Discuss An AI-Powered Transformation of P2P

As Microsoft President Kevin Peesker succinctly put it; in the digital age, “businesses will either transform or be transformed.” But how will this transformation look, and more specifically, how will it impact the P2P process?

Earlier this year, 5 industry experts collaborated to produce an eBook on how Digital Transformation and AI has changed procurement functions like Catalog Management, e-invoicing, Risk management, etc. Readers were able to gain insights on the implications of these changes and how procurement practitioners can leverage its capabilities to fully deliver on the promise of the new digital age.

These same experts will be joining Procurement Insights’ Jon Hansen to deep-dive on their perspectives while also allowing you to ask direct questions about the future of P2P in an AI world.

Topics the webinar will cover:

Evolution of AI-bots in the procurement world
Potential impact of AI in Catalog Management
Capitalizing on AI to streamline E-invoicing
How AI unlocks the power of data for efficient Risk Management